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My babies nursery believes in quality of education which is spread all over the world. Nursery curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) UK.

Our teaching strategy is based on learning through play which is how children learn best, hands-on activities and social interaction. Nursery curriculum includes: group play, arts and crafts, story time and role play, plenty of physical activities, quite time, outdoor play, time to eat, sleep and socialize too. We have regular visits to places of social interests like: zoo, park, bakery, cinema, library, market, pet shop, and farm.

Our international team of teachers and teaching assistants create the right learning atmosphere and tools to ensure that children are constantly learning while having fun .Lessons are designed to allow the children while they actually play to absorb vital skills. Teachers work closely with parents’ hand-in hand forming a working relationship to ensure both environments: home and pre-school work together in guiding the child.

The early learning and development goals covered by our curriculum are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Our framework gives us guidelines which relates to the development of confidence and independence, concentration and learning how to enjoy sharing. Children will be encouraged to express feelings, to share and co-operate with others and feel valued. Daily children will be introduced to Arabic as a language by our experienced teacher. During the Arabic lessons, the children are introduced to basic vocabulary such as alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and animals.

Communication, Language and Literacy.
Our teaching methods cover communication with peers and adults and developing skills in speaking, listening and sharing ideas .Through listening to stories the children will develop a love of language, as well as books and a deeper understanding of Literacy concepts.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
Our policies are to provide a variety of tools and techniques which will help the child to understand and acquire knowledge about the environment. At my My babies nursery children will get the opportunities to work with a range of materials both indoor and outdoor and explore a variety of construction kits. Children will use sand, water and various other malleable ingredients.

Physical Development
Our facilities maintain a high standard to motivate children to keep active and develop motor skills effectively. Free play activities are planned to promote the use of toys for pulling and pushing, pedalling and riding. We promote opportunities for the healthy development of children’s bodies and physical skills.

Creative Development
Children explore a variety of media working with colours, texture, shape, space and form.Children are encouraged to express their individuality, and to acquire new skills through a wide range of exciting activities using a variety of resources, such as play dough, paints, crayons, scissors, beads, puzzles and making 3D pictures & models.

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